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The award-winning Beverley Puppet Festival usually fills the streets with excited onlookers. Giant creatures roam Toll Gavel, Butcher Row and the Flemingate Centre; tiny magical worlds are revealed to unsuspecting audiences in the Friary Gardens and indoor shows for all ages from 3-103 take place at The Friary, East Riding Theatre, Beverley Masonic Hall and Toll Gavel Church Hall.

In 2020 however, the COVID-19 pandemic faced us with the painful prospect of cancelling it all. We decided instead to go online. This was a whole new adventure for the festival team and one that spanned two months instead of just one weekend. A huge thank you to all of the artists who took part to create our Activity Video Library which will remain online as a resource for all to enjoy.

Read the 2020 festival brochure, browse through the Activity Video Library and Audience Gallery, and watch the summary video.



Summary video

Summary video of the 9th Beverley Puppet Festival, 18th May - 12th July 2020.

Presented by Beverley Puppet Festival and edited by Kraken Cinematic.

Made possible through funding from Arts Council England, East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Molescroft Parish Council.

Image credits: Header image illustration by Rachael Horner

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