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For the first time in 2021 we were able to offer an artist commission as part of our projects. We look forward to incorporating more artist commissioning into our practice in the future. 

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Sanctuary in Creativity


Beverley has long been a town of sanctuary since the Middle Ages. Famous sanctuary stones stand at its edges and a towering Minster at its heart, marking an ancient boundary line where fugitives could seek shelter from the law for up to 40 days. Today, Beverley remains a town of sanctuary but of a different kind - as a safe place to live and work; as a place to escape away to on holiday; as a place of creative sanctuary - a town filled with arts and culture.  


‘Sanctuary in Creativity’ is a puppetry film commission created by the House of Funny Noises, which is the outcome of collecting stories, memories, hopes and thoughts about Beverley from residents past and present. The film premiered at Beverley Minster on the 26th June 2021 and remained installed there for a month afterwards.


Sanctuary in Creativity

Commissioned by Beverley Puppet Festival as part of our 2021 interim programme.


Created by The House of Funny Noises

Cat Rock: Puppeteer/Puppet Design/Editor/Sound Design/Storyboard
Izzy Bristow: Puppet Design/Puppeteer/Storyboard
Helen Houghton: Puppet Design/SFX/Storyboard

Michale Basri: Score
Nick Wilshire: LED Wrangler
Matthew Gibbs: Runner
Green Ginger: Puppet feet / Lighting rig (thanks for the lend!)
Ash Farkas: Lighting (thanks for the lend!)
Elizabeth Johnson: Assistant Propmaker


Project Coordinators for Beverley Puppet Festival
Anna Ingleby: Founder & Co-Artistic Director
Kerrin Tatman: Co-Artistic Director
Margaret Pinder: Marketing Assistant

Made possible through support from
Arts Council England
Beverley Minster
Beverley Town Council


Special thanks to
Sheila Winship, Lisa Martin and Margaret Pinder who kindly donated their Beverley memories that inspired the making of this film. Also, to the many people who interacted with us via social media.

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Image credits: Header image from 'Sanctuary in Creativity' commission by The House of Funny Noises; 'Volunteer' and 'Jobs/Placements' by Nigel Walker; 'Artists' by Scott Wigglesworth

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