The 8th Beverley Puppet Festival ran 13th-15th July 2018.

The next Beverley Puppet Festival will be 17th-19th July 2020 (funding dependent). 



Portable Shadow Theatre Course

with Judith Hope Puppet Maker

  • Sat 29th Feb - Sun 1st March 2020, 10am - 5pm

  • Flemingate Centre, Beverley, East Yorkshire

  • Ages: 18+ / adults

  • £150 per person, inclusive of all materials

  • Difficulty level: Beginners and experienced makers

Design and create your own miniature, magical theatre experience for one viewer at a time. On this course you will make a portable shadow theatre, housed inside a box, complete with a small viewing hole for one audience member per show. Create a cast of shadow puppets and backdrops, and use different effects to create beautiful, atmospheric, small scale theatre. The shadow boxes transport viewers into a tiny, illuminated wonderland, unique and memorable to all who experience them.


Learn to make shadow puppets using card cut outs (both jointed and unjointed), coloured gels and cellophane, oiled pen illustration and glass paints on acetate. Experiment with shadows made by small objects, fabrics and textures. Perfect for busking and street theatre, festivals, education and healthcare settings or your own front room!


Course content

★ Discussion on the challenges of performing with such a tiny theatre and advice on staging and practicalities.
★ Advice on creating a short show and translating narrative into shadow.
★ Basic theories of shadow and light and types of shadow puppetry.
★ Achieving different effects with differing light sources and movement.
★ Creating shadow puppets and backgrounds using:

- Card cut outs, both jointed and unjointed and with optional coloured gels.
- Glass paints on acetate
- Oiled felt pen illustration
- Small objects
- Effects from using fabrics, scrap plastics and various textures.


It will not be possible to make soundtracks during the course but we will discuss the best way to do this and how to perform with a soundtrack.


The main focus of the course will be on creating the box theatre, screen, shadow puppets and backdrops. If participants finish with time to spare, then decoration can be added to the box.
By the end of the course participants should have a finished shadow show to take home.


Made possible by East Riding of Yorkshire Council funding. 

Little Sparrow by Laura Mathews Art

Beverley Puppet Festival 2018

Photo by Scott Wigglesworth.

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