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Sanctuary in Creativity project announced for 2021!

Help us to tell the story of Beverley through puppetry...

A collage of Beverley landmarks sitting on an open book, including the Minster, Beverley Bar and Black Mill. An owl flies in the top right corner and a white person with long hair writes in a book in the top right. Sanctuary in Creativity is written at the bottom of the image.
Sanctuary in Creativity artwork designed by Rachael Horner

Beverley Puppet Festival runs once every two years and 2021 is an 'off' year. We like to keep busy and creative though so are running a project called 'Sanctuary in Creativity', made possible through funding from Arts Council England and Beverley Town Council.

Beverley has long been a town of sanctuary since the Middle Ages. Famous sanctuary stones stand at its edges and a towering Minster at its heart, marking an ancient boundary line where fugitives could seek shelter from the law for up to 40 days. Today, Beverley remains a town of sanctuary but of a different kind - as a safe place to live and work; as a place to escape away to on holiday; as a place of creative sanctuary - a town filled with arts and culture.

A sanctuary stone of Beverley sits in black, iron fencing. There are green bushes in the background.
A 'sanctuary stone' on the outskirts of Beverley (Image: Atlas Obscura)

The project will have three main outcomes:

- To collect stories, memories, hopes and thoughts about Beverley from residents past and present, which will be used by an artist as inspiration to create a puppetry film that tells the story of Beverley

- To connect local school children and care-home residents through shadow puppetry and Beverley stories of sanctuary, designed and led by Indigo Moon Theatre

- To redesign and rebuild our website and app ready for the next festival in 2022

The results of the first two aims of the project will be exhibited in Beverley Minster in June-July 2021 and remain online thereafter.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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