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'House of Funny Noises' commissioned for "Sanctuary in Creativity" Puppet Film

We carried out an England-wide call out for puppetry artists to pitch ideas for our Sanctuary in Creativity commission - a new puppet-based short film that will tell the story of Beverley and be exhibited in Beverley Minster and online this summer.

Introducing the chosen artists, the House of Funny Noises...

The 'House of Funny Noises' logo banner. Cut-out teeth frame the top and bottom of the banner. In the middle, within the dark mouth, 'House of Funny Noises' is written.
'House of Funny Noises' logo

Who are the House of Funny Noises?

The House of Funny Noises are a Bristol-based film collective that aims to delight and surprise audiences with short, sweet and unusual puppet films. Their primary focus is short format media as a way to explore experimental visuals and concise, thought provoking storytelling.

Three white artists work on a set for a puppet film. A camera sits in the foreground facing the sceve. A paper-cut countryside scene sits in the middle ground with a pink and blue painted sky in the background.
Set for the Bristol 48h Puppet Film Challenge Trailer

Originally formed during the first lockdown of 2020, the House of Funny Noises has three founding members: Cat Rock, Helena Houghton and Izzy Bristow. These three creatives frequently collaborate with local artists, friends and other art groups to make their work as striking as possible.

A puppet film set. A puppet lies in bed wearing a nightcap. The room has a blue carpet and flowery curtains line the window. A box of tissues like on the floor next to a bedside table with a lamp on it.
"Snot", short film set and puppet

In their short time working together they have been featured at puppet slams around the world, produced the first Bristol 48h Puppet Film Festival, received awards for several of their films and even made one panel of judges 'squirm in horror and delight'. "Snot" (pictured left) won Best Puppetry in the LA Puppetry Guilds Halloween 48h Puppet film Project 2020.

Check out their showreel here:

Check out their website


What will this commission mean to House of Funny Noises?

A white puppeteer with short blonde hair and black glasses wearing a black t-shirt holds a slingjaw wrasse yellow fish rod puppet against a screen.
Cat Rock puppeteering the Slingjaw Wrasse

Cat, Helena, and Izzy are thrilled to be working with Beverley Puppet Festival for the Sanctuary in Creativity puppet film commission. The project really resonates with the artists as they themselves are a collaboration born out of lockdown, creating their own creative sanctuary during this testing time for theatre and the arts. Using this period of isolation to grow, develop and build their creative practice, the House of Funny Noises is primed and ready to sink their teeth into this collaboration.

A tiny 2cm pigeon puppet with moving wings is held between a puppeteer's fingertips. The pigeons is grey with blue and pink highlights and it's wing points into the air.
A 2cm pigeon puppet with moving wings

As a group looking for interesting stories to tell through their unique lense and medium, this Beverley Puppet Festival commission offers them a gold mine of opportunity. They plan to use a variety of puppet and artistic styles mixed with bespoke visual storytelling to capture the spirit and people of Beverley. They can't wait to start sifting through all the stories submitted for the project. The House of Funny Noises hopes they can spin these incredible remembrances and future hopes for this incredible place into something truly special.

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