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There are many forms of puppetry and different types of puppets, which means that there is a puppetry style that suits everyone. Rod puppets, shadow puppets, glove puppets, moving mouth puppets, marionettes, finger puppets, object puppets, table-top puppets...just to name a few.

Below you will find an archive of puppetry resources that you can use to start your puppetry journey or build on existing skills. Make sure to check out the Puppet Activity Video Library, which was created as part of Beverley Puppet Festival 2020.  


Its your turn to be a puppeteer and puppet maker! Browse our library of 25 puppetry activity videos and get creative.

4. turtle.jpg

Flick through the gallery of images and videos of the incredible creations made by our audience members


Find out more about the puppetry scene in the UK, including festivals, venues and industry organisations.

Image credits: Header image by Eleanor Harper; 'Activity Library' by Life and Limb Puppets; 'Audience Gallery' by Leo and Jack Drury; 'Puppetry Links' by Scott Wigglesworth

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