Beverley has long been a town of sanctuary since the Middle Ages. Famous sanctuary stones stand at its edges and a towering Minster at its heart, marking an ancient boundary line where fugitives could seek shelter from the law for up to 40 days. Today, Beverley remains a town of sanctuary but of a different kind - as a safe place to live and work; as a place to escape away to on holiday; as a place of creative sanctuary - a town filled with arts and culture.


Beverley Puppet Festival and Beverley Minster invite you to share your memories and thoughts of Beverley to be used as inspiration for a digital puppetry film commission, which will be exhibited in Summer 2021 in the Minster. Did you grow up here? Do you live here now? Do you travel to Beverley for work? Do you go to school here? What is your fondest memory of Beverley? Where do you see Beverley in 20 years? We’re interested in hearing your story of Beverley. 


You can share your Beverley story by:

Printing out the story collection flyer by clicking HERE or the PDF symbol and then handwriting your story. You can print in black and white and make sure to select 'double sided'. Then fold it up/tape shut, attach a stamp and post it out to us with the address given on the front.

Sending us a simple email with your story to

Uploading a video or an audio recording (up to two minutes) by clicking HERE or the purple button


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