Help us create the biggest puppet online gathering in

the world!

If you've taken part in any of our festival activities, we want to see your handiwork and how it moves!

Photos and videos sent to us may be shared on our website, social media channels and might feature in our summary videos and project evaluation.


Follow these steps:

1. Watch one of our 25 festival activity videos (as many as you like!) and make your creations inspired by the videos.

2. Email with your name so we know who to credit

3. Upload a picture or video (no more than two minutes please) of your creation by clicking the purple button below. 

Please read before submitting:


By submitting your photos / videos you consent to us sharing your creations via our social media channels, website and in evaluation videos.


PLEASE NOTE: This is not intended for prospective artists to upload their work to be considered for future festival programming.

(You don't need a Dropbox account to upload!)


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